Paul is Sapa Smart Kids Coding Club Co-Founder and Chief Academic Officer.  He has been in education for 4+ years and has a passion for innovation in education.  Paul  is a lifetime learner and educator that is inspired when teaching others, and he is committed to making a difference. Through the use of technology and innovation, he strives to find ways to improve teaching and learning in schools. His primary goal is to partner with teachers and find better ways to meet the current needs of students.

As the Sapa Smart Kids Coding Club curriculum leader, Paul combines various technologies, from robotics to coding platforms like CAS, to develop and deliver proprietary coding curricula.  He is IGCSE ICT and A Level IT teacher, as well as lecturing privately at a private college and has experience in developing curriculum.  His ability to create a peer-support learning environment that engages students in a fun and interactive way while they learn how to code is what makes Sapa Smart Kids Coding Club special.  He also trains other instructors on how to deliver the coding program, making the club learning experience available to more students.

As an experienced technology trainer, Paul has over 10 years UK IT sector industry experience, is the owner and developer of Yippee social media android app, the developer of Anasepedia android app and has developed websites for companies in the UK. He holds an ACP Advance Diploma in Computer Science from West London College and he is also a member of the Association of Computer Professionals (ACP), England.

Sara is Sapa Smart Kids Coding Club Co-Founder. She is an English graduate from the University of Bristol (UK), who is a successful primary and secondary school teacher with over twelve years experience in the UK.