Online Coding Classes

Learn how to code or build your skills in programming online to gain a better understanding of how websites , games and apps are designed and developed. Our virtual coding classes will help you. Whether you’re on spring break or enduring a school closure, our online classes are the perfect way to sharpen your tech skills from the comfort of home. Start learning today, from anywhere in the world. Register now!

Popular coding languages to learn now

Not sure what technologies to focus on? The top three most popular programming languages 2021 are Python, Java and JavaScript. We can help..

Kids Coding Lab Camps

Our kids’ coding lab camps are a fun, creative environment where like-minded children work together on a variety of engaging and challenging technical topics. Our camps are built around game-based and web-based projects were children collaborate to complete a project. Our camps also offer non-screen time in the shape of outdoor playtime along with non-computer activities including interactive pixel art projects, paper-based puzzles. The kids’ coding lab camps run during the summer and during the Easter holidays and are typically held 3- 4 days a week from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. To inquire about availability get in contact with us.

We operate kids coding workshops upon request. Our instructors conduct workshops for individuals, schools, kids with additional needs and community groups. Our workshops are customised to the specific needs of the group. We can concentrate on improving a specific area or conduct classes that deliver a broad overview of new concepts and techniques.

Kids Coding Workshops