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Creating The Innovators Of The Future

Who we are

We tutor young adults and children aged 13 and above how to code in a fun, engaging and interactive way. We offer programming languages such as Python,Java, HTML and more.

Why Sapa Coding

We bring your inventive ideas to life through coding, they embark on a journey exploring how their creations can deliver joy or help others.

Hands-on learning

Practice and apply new skills in real-world environments with challenges, tasks and home work. You will have fun coding and seeing results.

How to get started

You don’t need any prior knowledge in coding to get started. Call, Whatsapp or emails and we can get you signed on.

About Sapa Coding

Paul a Co-Founder Sapa Smart Kids Coding Club is an author and an international developer with apps in the google Playstore. With online students from all over the world and one of his student is a student in the Oxford University. And others who want to change career to become a software developer. Also he is a member of the Association of Computer Professionals (ACP), England. He has worked in the UK Tech industry for over 8 and has been in education for 5+ years. He has a passion for innovation in education and a lifetime learner and educator. Who finds fulfillment when teaching others, and is committed to making a difference. Through the use of technology and innovation, Sapa Coding strives to find ways to improve teaching and learning coding for teens and young adults. 

Coding is fun!

Basic computer programming is an essential skill in this 21st century for all to learn.