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JavaScript – Level One

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Today’s children are growing up surrounded by technology, which no longer surprises us. Have you ever considered that your children spend too much time on their phones, computers, or tablets? I’m sure you did. Do you wish they could gain a lot more useful information that would help them in the future and possibly turn them into the next Zuckerberg? So, I’ve got the answer for you. Why not teach your kids useful skills that will help them succeed in the future? In this JavaScript course we will take a look at the basic features of the language, including:
Introduction to JavaScript
Variables and Data Types
Operators and Math
For and While Loops
Combining Loops and Variables
We will also create a guessing game.


A computer (Desktop, Laptop, Mac, or Linux – even Chromebook!) with a good internet connect.
Modern Web Browser.
A text editor such as Notepad.
Age 12+, or if younger, completion of Python Level 2.

Targeted Audience:

This course is for age 12 and above.
Perfect for homeschooling kids or K-12 students.
This 60-minute one-to-one private live online interactive session.
For any one who has a desire to learn JavaScript

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Material Includes

  • This course includes:
  • 10 hours instructor led sessions
  • A session is one hour
  • Two sessions per week
  • 1-2-1 tuition
  • Tasks and home work
  • Project based.
  • Certificate will be issued upon successful completion.