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Frequently Asked Questions

on Coding or Programming for Kids.

Would you like to know more about how you can help your child succeed at Sapa Smart Kids Coding Club? Here are a few answers to questions frequently asked by parents. We want to help children learn and succeed, so we provide some of the effective ways for kids to learn coding.

As a parent or caregiver, you play an important role in your child’s academic achievement, especially in Technology learning. By taking steps to get involved in your child’s education, you can bridge the gap between home and school to ensure your child’s success in learning and in life.

Learning to code or to write a program is like picking up a new language or a new instrument. In today’s digital age, it is critical that our children start young so that they can thrive and become confident creators of technology. Many tech greats started at a young age; Bill Gates had his first foray into programming at the age of 13, and Mark Zuckerberg created a network of computers at the tender age of 10. Kids learn life-skills such as problem-solving and logical thinking, and most importantly; computational thinking – the ability to break down a problem and give step-by-step instructions to a computer to solve.

Coding is instructing the computer to work in a language that it understands. There are various coding languages that a computer uses; just like how we use English or our Mother Tongue to communicate with our family and friends.

With the nation’s drive to train up students and workers who are Future Ready, it is common for students to have had some exposure to coding in their schools. Our program enhances what has been learnt, and accelerates your child’s learning. Our experienced instructors will also provide your child with personalized attention and our progressive series of coding classes will move your child to an advanced level of understanding, which goes beyond the curriculum taught in public schools. 

Fees can be paid online and we also accept card payment.  For more information on payment call support on 055 191 8675  or email:

We understand the challenges that you face in planning for your child’s holiday schedule. On our end, we will try our best to accommodate requests to change time slots, subject to availability. Go ahead to sign up to secure a place and drop us an email/call. If there are available slots, we will allow you to make the switch.

Every child is different, and our way of teaching recognises this. Our tutors are trained to inspire complete beginners to coding and to challenging gifted students in their work. Every child can learn to code, and our programme is rigorously designed to fit their different ability levels and learning styles, such that every child can create programs they can be proud of.

Coding is considered the “new literacy” by many education institutions around the world. Educators and experts agree that it is an important subject that every child needs to grasp in order to thrive in school and life, whether or not they eventually pursue a career in Computer Science. Logical thinking and problem-solving are also important skills that they pick up in the course of learning to code.

Yes. We form groups throughout the year, with a group starting every few months. In all our courses we keep class sizes small to ensure that the instructor can support each student individually during the sessions. We require a minimum of 4 people in a group and a maximum of 7 people. For more information call support on 055 191 8675  or email:

Sometimes there are students who have already done some coding in Python in the past and would like to know which level to start at when joining Sapa Coding.

It is always best to speak to us first so we can advise based on your child’s particular situation. However, very often students find that in our Level 1 courses we cover are beyond what they are familiar with and in more detail. 

Python is a rapidly growing coding language across the globe, as reported by Stack Overflow’s 2019 Developer Survey. The demand for Python has increased in the industry, especially in data sciences, information security industries, and machine learning. Teaching kids early helps them develop a marketable skill that can set them apart from others.

Sure, we require an minimum of 3 hours by phone call or minimum of 1 day by email. For more information call support on 055 191 8675 or email:

Yes – you can join at any time, our lessons are tailored specifically to your child’s needs. For more information call support on 055 191 8675  or email:

Yes- we also offer Java, HTML and  JavaScript. More courses are on the way, so watch this space!

JavaScript is a text-based coding language and one of the many great coding languages used to communicate instructions to a computer. JavaScript can be also used to create games, web apps, mobile apps and more.

There are a lot of reasons why JavaScript should be considered when kids looking to learn to code. One of the important reason is, JavaScript is one of the main languages of the modern internet. Nearly every web page and web app uses it in some form and so the language holds something of a position of importance in our online world.

JavaScript is not the same computer coding language as Java – although they share some outward similarities, they are fundamentally different languages with mostly different usage scenarios.

Being surrounded by technology every day means coding has become an important second language for not just adults, but also for children. Kids tend to be more tech-savvy and tech-conscious than their adult counterparts. Learning to code not just helps improve children’s computation thinking skills, but also their problem-solving skills.

Coding has become a primary skill in today’s time and it prepares students for the future thus giving them a lifelong advantage over others. Here we have listed down 5 reasons how kids coding can prepare your child for the future:

Boosts Problem Solving Skills

Expands Creativity

Promotes Algorithmic Thinking

Coding is the Future

Creativity Boost

Yes – for more information call support on 055 191 8675 or email: