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Popular coding languages to learn now

Not sure what technologies to focus on? The top three most popular programming languages 2021 are Python, Java and JavaScript. We can help..

Online Coding Classes

Learn how to code or build your skills in programming online to gain a better understanding of how websites , games and apps are designed and developed. Our virtual coding classes will help you. Whether you’re on spring break or enduring a school closure, our online classes are the perfect way to sharpen your tech skills from the comfort of home. Start learning today, from anywhere in the world. Register now!

Kids Coding Lab Camps

Our kids’ coding lab camps are a fun, creative environment where like-minded children work together on a variety of engaging and challenging technical topics. Our camps are built around game-based and web-based projects were children collaborate to complete a project. Our camps also offer non-screen time in the shape of outdoor playtime along with non-computer activities including interactive pixel art projects, paper-based puzzles. The kids’ coding lab camps run during the summer and during the Easter holidays and are typically held 3- 4 days a week from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. To inquire about availability get in contact with us.
We operate kids coding workshops upon request. Our instructors conduct workshops for individuals, schools, kids with additional needs and community groups. Our workshops are customised to the specific needs of the group. We can concentrate on improving a specific area or conduct classes that deliver a broad overview of new concepts and techniques.

Kids Coding Workshops

Empowerment through Coding

Have you considered getting into tech, but not sure if it is for you? Welcome to the club! This program is for technically curious people who have zero or little experience coding. Our guest speakers are some of the the finest world renowned conference speakers, authors and gurus in the IT industry. Brief information about our guest speakers: Dr. Angelique Johnson is the CEO/Founder of MEMStim, LLC located in Louisville, KY. With a doctorate in Electrical engineering from the University of Michigan, she is an authority on innovation and entrepreneurship. Dr. Johnson has delivered a congressional briefing on Capitol Hill, served as a speaker for the eight district of the Federal Reserve and delivered several international talks. She has been featured on NBC universal, National Public Radio and other media outlets.

She is an inventor and has made a lot of significant contributions to science and the biomedical field by developing thin-film cochlear electrode arrays and the list goes on. She is also an author and sit a as a board member in many organizations including NSF National Nanotechnology Coordinated Infrastructure. Abisola S. Olaleye is an outstanding Biosystems Engineering graduate from the University of Kentucky. She has served as a research assistant in two labs and is currently part of the MEMStim, LLC engineering team in Louisville, KY. Her ultimate goal is to research and commercialize novel and innovative medical devices to improve the health-related quality of life in impoverished communities at low-cost. She is a member of many societies and organizations and she was the Vice President-Society for Biomaterials (2019 – 2020).

Dr. Olawale Adefisayo Fabiyi is a seasoned technologist, an educator, and a blue ocean strategist with a career spanning over fifteen years in implementing technological solutions spanning various industries and technologies. Currently, he is the acting Head of Computer Science & Technology department at the American International University, West Africa the Gambia. He also technically consult for top organizations in West Africa and Southeast Asia. He is passionate about technology and helping people build their ideas. His goal is to inspire and build the next generation of technologists in Africa via tech education. We are honored to have them as our guest speakers for this program, it’s an opportunity you can’t afford to miss!